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Travelling by boat

Above the water, the river, the river

In our region this nursery rhyme calls to mind the abundance of waterways, not less than 7 river basins merge in Rives de Saône. It should come as no surprise that St. Jean de Losne port is internationally renowned.

Quais à gradin à Seurre

Conditions of navigation

The Saône offers optimal navigation conditions: a sufficient water level in all seasons, few locks(3 in Rives de Saône), wide river basin and well preserved nature. The navigation is allowed in all seasons other than the season of flood. The Saône is divided in two sections:

  • La Petite Saône from Corre to Saint-Jean-de-Losne
  • La Grande Saône from St Jean de Losne to its confluence with the Rhône

The majority of locks are automatic or semiautomatic. The lights will guide you through different phases of manoeuvres. Make sure to to get instructions and explainations on docks’ functioning.

At St Jean de Losne, pass under a bridge to access Burgundy canal that will lead you towards  Dijon thanks to the various flights of locks. This small-sized canal will allow you to pass from Seine and Yonne basin to that of the Saône and Rhône.

On the Rhône-Rhine canal, the service offers are seasonal with two periods of the year: high and low season. During the low season, the navigation is interrupted. The hours of navigation vary depending on season

The following service will help you prepare yourself for the coming journey, taking into account the boat’s size and your preferences concerning the time period of navigation, it will indicate you the best itinerary. You can also get informations on any interruptions along the way in real time. Visit the website Voies Navigables de France.

Quai National à Saint-Jean-de-Losne
Gare d'eau, port de plaisance à Saint-Jean-de-Losne & Saint-Usage
Écluse à Saint-Jean-de-Losne


This historic commune was previously the hub of river trade . Nowadays we still find a big number of professionals dedicated to sale, rental and maintainance of boats of all sizes. Everything is there to provide you a pleasant stay.

Where to cast anchor overnight at St Jean de Losne?

  • Quai national of St. Jean de Losne : Electrical recharge and water supply point. You can purchase tokens at the change machine situated at Jean Bart square in front of the embankment. One token costs 3.20€ and will give you access to 500 litres water (35 minutes of pumping) or 4 hours of electricity. There is no sanitation equipment installed. Laundrette is installed at the parking of the Casino supermarket.
  • The landing stage at the camping “Les Herlequins” at St Jean de Losne is available for the boats with the length of  less than 30 meters, staying up to one week from 15 April until  15 October. In low season from 16 October until 16 April, mooring is authorised for up to one month. Once you’ve moored at the pontoon, please present yourself at the boat gas station to settle your bill. Alternatively, you can pay the pontoon supervisor when he/she presents himself/herself at the pontoon to place notification slips. It is possible to use camping’s toilettes and showers for a fee of 2€.
  • Inland port Gare D’Eau de Blanquart at Saint-Usage. The landing stages are equipped with electrical recharge and water supply points with individual counters. The wicket gate to the the landing stage is opened with a code. Sanitation facilities including showers and toilets can be accessed with tokens.


Shops in the vicinity

The towns of St Jean de Losne and Saint-Usage offer you a bunch of shopping options, having all essential services within towns’ limits : The supermarkets: Casino( 500 meters from Quai national), Intermarché and Lidl (2 kilometers from Quai National) at Saint-Usage. In the downtown you’ll find physician’s office, veterinarian, bakeries and chemists’.

If you have to go someplace, you can rent bikes at the tourist centre Rives de Saône. At the bus stops of Losne, St Jean de Losne and Saint-Usage, you can take a bus heading to Dijon (check schedules) . At the St Jean de Losne railway station, you can get on a train heading to either Dijon or Bourg-en-Bresse (check schedules).

Quais à gradin à Seurre
Seurre, côté Saône
Ecluse à grand gabarit de Seurre


Seurre is the inland port of entrance into the department of Cote d’Or and the Petite Saône river section duly equipped to accommodate boats of all sizes.

Where to cast anchor overnight in Seurre ?

  • Halting-place in Seurre. There is a possibility to stay there overnight or even up to one month (access to water, electricity and garbage collection are included in the tariff). Tariffs depend on the boat‘s length . Sanitation facilities and washing machine are available at the harbour master’s office.
    A sanitary protocol is implemented on the precincts of harbour master’s office to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic(daily desinfection of the building )
    > Discover the services offered by harbour master’s office…


Shops in the vicinity

The town of Seurre offers a wide range of services in the proximity, such as bakery, chemists’, shops with electrical appliances, clothes and shoes. In the downtown, you’ll find physician’s and veterinary offices. The market is held every Saturday morning from 8 to 13 o’clock, Rue de la République.

If you have to go someplace, you can rent a car at the Renault garage (2 kilometers from the embankment) or a bike at the beach camping on the opposite bank of the Saône in front of the harbour master’s office. The town of Seurre has a railway station with trains heading either to Dijon or Bourg-en-Bresse ((check schedules).

Don’t forget to make a stopover at our pop-up shop to take home a bit of Rives de Saône.

Canal de dérivation de la Saône à Pagny-la-ville

To enjoy your stay to the fullest


Where to find fuel for your boat ?

Boat filling station at St Jean de Losne offers you diesel and petrol 24/7 in self-service. Only Card Payments of up to 500 euros are accepted. Red diesel and badges are only available within the opening hours.


Need a helping hand to restart ?

  • Atelier Fluvial at Saint-Usage can benefit you with its expertise in different domains:Boilermaking, mechanics, carpentry, electricity, interior design, hydraulic system and manufacturing of custom-made parts.
    > Atelier fluvial-17 Quai du canal, Saint Usage
  • Blanquart yachting has a fittings shop and can help you with maintenance and craning, technical and electrical issues. Other than that, they sell secondhand boats
    > Blanquart yachting – Quai du Canal de Bourgogne – Saint Usage
  • H20 offers you a palette of various services with its shipyard and other buildings constructed for boats’ maintenance, dry dock and boat launching. The workshop has nowadays six different departments: mechanical, hydraulic, painting , carpentry, boilermaking, electrical and cleaning. Other than that, they also sell boats.
    > H20- port de plaisance-St Jean de Losne
  • Engine power at Pouilly-sur-Saône repairs, maintains , refurbishes and winters your boat. An assistance vehicle operates on the territory of France to deal with break-downs and reparations.
    > Engine Power- 1 route de Chivres – Pouilly-sur-Saône.